Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stylehop Provides Fashion Shopping Engine with Consumer Ratings

At Stylehop, fashion conscious women can shop, rate items of clothing, play games, and earn points that they can use as rebates to their purchases. The idea behind Stylehop is that the most valuable and relevant fashion advice for a woman does not come from New York, LA or celebrities, but from a woman’s fashion peers. Their goal is to become the Zagat of fashion- a shopping engine with robust, filterable consumer ratings.

Stylehop could have easily created a boring, Amazon-like ratings engine. Instead, they created fun, addictive, lightweight social games and quizzes to drive engagement and build the foundation for a robust, ratings-based shopping engine. The games prompt women to provide a five-star rating for each item presented, creating the star ranking data that feeds StyleHop’s shopping engine and allowing it to generate a substantial amount of ratings for a variety of items. Another catalyst to drive engagement is the points system, where women are rewarded for activities like reviewing styles, filling out their profile, etc. The points can be used towards rebates on items purchased through the site. Additionally, Stylehop allows results to be filterable not only by brand and product attributes but also by whom you want providing your five-star rankings.

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