Friday, August 16, 2013

The Long-Tail Impact of our Social Media Posts

I just got home from the welcome dinner of the second Annual Curators Meeting of the Global Shapers Community, where I met Mykolas Majauskas, the Curator of the Vilnius Hub in Lithuania. Lithuania has a troubled history with Poland, and after an anti-Lithuanian banner was held up at a Polish football match, tension was high.

Lithuania responded with a viral campaign based on the Israel loves Iran effort launched by Rony Edry, an Israeli graphic designer, in 2012. Apparently Mykolas was inspired by the campaign, which he heard about through a post I shared last year in the Shapers' private social network.

I was blown away.

We share stories and read countless posts per day. I very much believe in the cumulative impact of this information exchange, but it often feels like our posts and comments go out into the ether.  I never thought that a single post, particularly one that I shared, could galvanise someone that I had never met.

It was an inspiring moment.

I encourage you all to support Mykolas' campaign and to think about the long-tail impact of your social media posts. Because someone out there just might be reading them.

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ruth gafni said...

Truly inspiring and a good lesson! Thank you!