Friday, July 16, 2010

Latin Women Discuss Shopping Experiences Online

A recent Sophia Mind study of  women in the Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, and Latina women in the US, revealed that female social networking users in these countries are using the Web to comment about their purchase experiences. Although the figures varied by country, up to 66% of women are talking about their purchasing experiences online (Brazil). Across the board, women were more likely to make positive comments than negative ones.

However, bad comments were more likely to deter users from shopping than messages received from companies or brands. Unsurprisingly, Facebook and Twitter were the largest sources for friend recommendations. Women in both the US and Latin America claimed that they trust comments on social networks more than ads. 11% of Hispanic female social network users in the US strongly agreed with that statement,  48% agreed, and 25% were undecided. Latin women were most likely to trust the advice of social network connections when it came to electronics, and about half were open to recommendations for books and magazines, music, travel and films.

The activity of Latin women on social networks could create a huge opportunity for companies who are targeting Latin America and the Hispanic population in the US. Companies who invest in good customer service and provide their audience with the tools to share their experiences via social media could see a significant impact- one that could directly affect their bottom line.

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