Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mom Bloggers Review Products, Opening the Door for Direct Interaction with Brands

78% of moms who blog review products, according to new data released by Mom Central Consulting.

What does that mean for marketers and advertisers? Emarketer suggests that the proliferation of product reviews could make mothers who blog more receptive to contact from brands. Debra Aho Williamson, a senior analyst for eMarketer, claims, “Moms like to share advice with other moms because they remember how hard it was to find the right car seat, stroller or daycare for their own children. They want to pay it forward by giving recommendations and tips, and that gives them a sense of gratification.”

Williamson offers a three step plan for reaching out to mothers:

1. Anticipate their needs
2. Provide factual information
3. Encourage their interest in sharing with other parents

Very sound advice, although I would add a fourth item - follow up with moms to gather feedback and suggestions for improvement. Web 2.0 has allowed all consumers to become publishers, which in turn has opened up the conversation between brands and consumers. Smart brands will be proactive in opening up the conversation with consumers. People who are blogging about a brand’s products obviously feel strongly about them and they are more likely to hold a favorable opinion if they feel that the brand is listening to them.

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