Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yahoo Buzz! Adds Updates, Continues to be Female-Friendly Alternative to Digg

Yahoo Buzz!, which launched last winter, recently added new features, solidifying its role as a mainstream alternative to Digg, a social bookmarking site notorious for its "frat-boy" content. Like other social bookmarking sites, Buzz allows users to share links and vote on articles in a variety of categories. What makes Yahoo Buzz unique is its focus on the mainstream, focusing on categories like Entertainment, Politics, Lifestyle, and Health, among others. The recent updates on Buzz allow users to see the stories that people in one’s contact list are buzzing up. Also, Buzz votes are now part of user profiles, so users can see what stories a particular individual has Buzzed up or down, as well as stats like how many times someone has been the original person to submit an article and the number of comments they’ve left. Buzz also updated their commenting capabilities, allowing users give thumbs up or down to individual comments and showing threaded replies. All of these updates are strikingly similar to Digg’s functionality, positioning Buzz even more as a female-friendly

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