Thursday, January 22, 2009

On HerFuture, Women Find and Become Mentors

Motivational speaker and career coach Gabrielle Bernstein recently founded HerFuture, a Ning-powered social network that connects women looking for mentors with women looking to mentor.

“Many young women don’tknow how to ask for a mentor or where to find one," says Bernstein,herself a young entrepreneur who started two businesses at the age of 22."This site provides a solution for typical inhibitors such as shyness,fear, or a lack of positive female role models.”

On the site, users create a profile and have opportunities to join groups with likeminded women. Members share their goals and desires, and are encouraged to reach our for advice. The basic functionality is intended to cater to women with varying degrees of computer skills.

Inspirational women such as supermodel and philanthropist Petra Nemcova and bestselling author Karen Salmansohn are speaking out about the importance of HerFuture. Nemcova says HerFuture "reminds young women that we have the most amazing gift in our hands- the gift of creation. We create our own reality: Sadness or joy, struggle or success, love or fear. It is in your own hands!" Other influencers such as NIKE athlete Ary Nunez have profiles up on the site.

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