Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shopflick Combines Shopping with Online Video

Shopflick is an online video‐shopping marketplace where shoppers can discover new independent products and the stories behind them. Designers, boutiques, merchants, small manufacturers, artists and personalities can all create closer connections with shoppers and increase sales through video. Since its launch in August 2008, Shopflick has garnered attention for its ability to combine two previously popular but unrelated online behaviors.

On the site, both consumers and designers create profiles. Designers create individual boutiques, where they can post videos to engage consumers. Technically challenged designers can use the Shopflick Filmmaker Marketplace (SFM) to find a "qualified, pre-approved" videographer to shoot footage. Best sellers are more prominently featured, and anyone can sign up for a designer account. Shopflick also recently expanded their video offerings to include an original signature series, The Hall of Style with Davida Hall. Future episodes will feature celebrity guests and how-to's for viewers searching for a way to look great without breaking the bank.

With its focus on indie fashion and unique use of video to engage consumers, Shopflick is sure to become a niche shopping destination for the fashion forward.

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Dhana said...

competition for shopflick...check out the video press release from The Next Big Zing...