Friday, February 20, 2009

CityMommy Connects Urban Moms, Locally

CityMommy is a social network for moms based on location. It connects urban mothers in Los Angeles, Portland, North New Jersey, San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, Central Coast California, North Alabama, Jacksonville, Northeast PA, Chicago, Atlanta, NY, Boston, Long Island, Southern NH, South Florida, Wichita, Houston, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, and, most recently, Palm Springs.

City Mommy offers moms the opportunity to interact with forums and groups, and provides them with photo and video sharing capabilities, like other mom-focused social networks. What makes CityMommy unique is the location-based offerings it provides. Each user that signs up selects their region, and after registration, is redirected to that region's microsite. The microsites have sections for events and offer discounts to local stores in a "Shopping" section. Most impressive, though, is the thorough directory that covers everything from preschools and pediatricians to midwives and local parks.
CityMommy will expand to additional cities throughout 2009. If you're interested in starting a CityMommy site in your city, contact Dayna at

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