Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Social Shopping Site Polyvore Turns Two

Polyvore, the social shopping site where users mix and match items to create collages (dubbed "sets"), celebrated its second birthday last week. Polyvore certainly has a lot to celebrate. In the past year, the site grew from about 500,000 unique visitors per month to 2.5 million unique visitors per month, an increase of 400%. They also crossed the 100 million monthly page views mark a few weeks ago, making them one of the largest user-generated fashion sites on the Web.

Polyvore's success lies in its simple drag and drop tool that encourages users to put together looks, not just endorse individual items. The community is encouraged to use their creativity to create aesthetically pleasing arrangements of items. And the quality of clothing on Polyvore is significantly higher than most other social shopping sites. Popular products include Marc Jacobs' dresses and Chanel handbags. One Polyvore user claims it is "like crack for fashionistas…In addition to the shopping euphoria of it all, Polyvore also fuses fashion with social media. Once you create your favorite look, you can publish your fashion matches by color or brand for others in the network to see. It’s very addicting creating fashion masterpieces and shopping all in one spot.”

Polyvore is part game, part art, and all fashion. With its unique offering in a crowded space, it's no wonder Polyvore is a popular destination for fashionistas. Happy Birthday Polyvore- wishing you many happy returns.

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