Sunday, October 12, 2008

OnSugar- a Practically Perfect Publishing Tool

If Web 2.0 opened up the conversation between publishers and consumers, then Web 3.0 will flip the publisher/consumer relationship on its head. Sugar Media brilliantly implemented the Web 3.0 mentality with their recently launched OnSugar, a flawless publishing tool that allows users to create blogs, galleries, quizzes, polls, spreads, and more. Users can also incorporate videos, chat conversations, quotes, and audio. The design is sleek, the tools are easy to use, and the functionalities make sense for Sugar users.

One such tool is the ability to create the same type of fashion spreads as Sugar’s CelebStyle. With OnSugar, any user can search through retail items on ShopStyle, mixing and matching them to free images from Getty Images.

I anticipate this tool, and OnSugar in general, will be popular amongst Sugar readers.

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