Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tumblon Combines Developmental Advice with Social Network for Families

Tumblon is a site for parents of young children, enabling them to record developmental milestones through stories and photos. Users can create a “Family Blog”, post status updates for each child, upload photos, and add stories. The social networking component is lack-luster, but what makes the site unique is the plethora of age-appropriate developmental information available for infants through elementary school-aged children. There is even a weekly developmental milestone breakdown for newborns up to three months.

Developmental resources are broken down into five categories with separate overview pages: cognitive, social & emotional, speech & language, fine motor, and gross motor. Each overview page offers an easy to understand list of milestones, suggested activities, and recommended articles. Additionally, Tumblon has a smart business model- suggesting age-appropriate books, toys, and gear. Even though Tumblon is only in Beta, there are already several links to purchase items directly from the site.

The social networking piece that Tumblon offers is unoriginal and has been attempted on a much larger scale (Disney’s,, etc.) but the high quality developmental information, combined with the clever business model, may carry Tumblon through.

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Graham said...

Thanks for the review, Noa! You're right about our social networking features. We prioritized building the customized interactive developmental information (since no one else has done that).

What would you like to see in a really well-done social networking piece of Tumblon?