Thursday, May 7, 2009

Argentinian Women Shop Online to Facilitate Daily Life

I am on vacation in Argentina and have been exploring how women here are using the Internet. As can be found everywhere, Facebook is popular, iPhones can be seen on the streets of Buenos Aires, and, according to an article in yesterday´s Clarín newspaper, Argentinian women are utilizing ecommerce.

According to the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Business (CACE), approximately 49% of ecommerce shoppers are women. Female online shoppers have been frequenting sites that have made daily routines easier. Women commonly use the Internet to purchase supermarket items; many of the major supermarkets have online shopping cart systems with direct home delivery.

According to the Clarín article, the profile of the typical female ecommerce shopper has shifted in the past year. A year ago, the average online shopper in Argentina was an affluent Internet veteran with typically four years Web usage. But this has changed, explains Marcos Pueyrredón, a member of the CACE. He adds: "The most important change is that women are beginning to weigh in on online consumption and are incorporating it as a shopping channel."

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