Monday, May 18, 2009

Mommy Bloggers Mentioned in "New Blog Trends" Interview

In a recent interview about new trends in the blogosphere, the General Manager of Six Apart Media, David Tokheim, discussed the rise of mommy bloggers:

Mr. Tokheim: We’re seeing a lot more women blogging, a lot of mommy bloggers. They have a different dynamic than what we’ve seen from tech bloggers in that most of the moms have multiple blogs. They work with different networks like BlogHer, as well as Six Apart Media. And there’s a very strong community around what they’re doing.

eMarketer: What do you think is driving the spike in mommy blogging?

Mr. Tokheim: Two things: I think it’s awareness, or word-of-mouth, and blogging platforms have become easier to use.

For the full interview transcript, check out the eMarketer article here.

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